Works in Chrome for me but breaks some site logins

Unlike other reported Chrome difficulties, mine seems to function OK possibly due to Ghostery extension also installed, but it has broken some site logins (no longer able to login). They work fine using ghostery but not Midnight.

Hi @pheather - Thanks for letting us know! Can you give a few examples of which sites you’re seeing not loading with Midnight running?

I would have to refresh my memory by reviewing history - but one location that caught my attention and was typical of the problem was the Daily Wire main site. Logging in seemed normal only to notice that I never achieved or completed the login process - removed each blocker one at a time to isolate which was to blame - problem disappeared only when Midnight was uninstalled. Reinstalled all blockers including Ghostery and everything worked fine. Removed all blockers and reinstalled Midnight and problem returned.

I am having the same issue. I’ve had to disable it for the browser. The extension still works fine though.

From what I can tell, any authentication that performs a pop-up, which in this is case is my company’s SharePoint and Time Tracking sites, it breaks. The page loads and the pop-up appears and you cannot authenticate until you disable protection for the browser in the app.