Why is Ghostery giving me pop-ups

I rarely ever give feedback about stuff but this takes the cake. The whole purpose I install Ghostery is to remove annoying BS from my browsing experience. That’s the only reason. To block stuff.

So what is your extension now? I suggest you rename it to “Extension that gives you pop-ups that ask annoying questions about other pop-ups” because that’s what it is.

No I don’t want to answer the questions. I installed the extension that blocks stuff. Block the stuff. I don’t have to give consent to your settings the consent was explicit when I installed the extension whose sole purpose was to block the things!

Whose idea was this? Who in your team came up with the REALLY STUPID IDEA to have your extension give your users pop-ups asking them stupid questions?

And for clarification, the question wasn’t just stupid. It is overwhelmingly stupid. Inherently stupid. Like “why are you here and did you seriously just ask me that?” Level of stupid. Whoever came up with this should feel bad and then be fired.

God damn.

After Adblock Plus became popular they started annoying their users too. Also excepting certain ads because they thought some ads weren’t bad (for some unfathomable reason)

That’s when Adblock Ultimate happened. I don’t use ADP anymore because Ultimate does the same job, except better and with no annoying BS. You install the extension. It automatically loads its filters. There are no good ads. It doesn’t ask you dumb questions. It just does its job.

This is what’s going to happen to Ghostery if you keep making dumb design decisions. You will create your own competition.