Whatsapp desktop blocked on mac

the Whatsapp desktop application is blocked by Ghostery Midnight.

Hi @fl.ghostery - Sorry to hear you’re having issue connecting with Whatsapp and appreciate you letting us know.

Whatsapp should be able to work while Midnight is running no problem. I’m currently able to run the Whatsapp without issue (on macOS mojave, Midnight version 1.3.3) so unfortunately not able to replicate the issue. To help us troubleshoot, could you provide the following additional details?

  • The OS version
  • If you are connected any VPN (Midnight or otherwise - If Midnight, please specify which server)
  • Version of Midnight (latest is 1.3.3)
  • Any other details that may help such as error messages or if it’s only certain actions or areas that are unable to connect. (i.e. logging in works, but are unable to get new messages. Or if your are connecting via browser/plugin and not the app from the app store).

Please find below the information you requested. Note that even if the tracker & ad features are turned off and the application disabled to monitor or block, it does not work as if Whatsapp was blocked to access to the internet connection. Now, if I pause, I immediately get Whatsapp to establish the connection. Thanks for your assistance.

Midnight Version: 1.3.3
Database Version: 553
Language: en-US
OS: mac
OS Version: 10.14.6

WhatsApp: 2.2104.8

Thanks @fl.ghostery for the additional details. I’ve opened a ticket with our dev team to take a look. We hope to uncover the problem but we if we need anything else we’ll be sure to reach out.