What does a Ghostery subscription buy me?

Hello there. I’m new. For some reason, I cannot understand from the website what a subscription is buying me that I cannot get for free. Dawn is free; the Ghostery browser extension is free; Glow (with ads) is free. What am I paying for, exactly?

From what I can tell, you’re really just given access to Ghostery Insights which I think you only need if you are a web developer (to see stats on your own site or others I guess). Like what ads or trackers could be slowing the page load down. I don’t really see another reason for it. I don’t feel like normal people benefit from it. You can read about it here: Search Privately with Ghostery | Ghostery

You would also have access to Glowstery ad free.

Other than that, that’s basically how they as a company seem to be supported. See the FAQ here.

How does Ghostery make money?
Ghostery makes money when users upgrade to our subscription plan which offers advanced privacy protection and ad-free search.

Hope that helps!

Ah sorry I also missed this in the FAQ under “Ghostery Subscriptions”.

  1. What does a Ghostery subscription model mean for the future?

The Ghostery subscripition is a step forward in our plan to build premium products and services that are unlocked with subscriptions, in addition to our free Ghostery extension. This new model will not only help us keep the lights on, but will allow us to invest in more advanced products and technologies, provide more options for how users integrate privacy into their lives, and empower all to shape the world of privacy by financially supporting services they choose.

This is just the beginning of “cleaner, faster, safer.” Stay tuned for the rest!

2. What features can I unlock with a Ghostery subscription?
As a Ghostery Subscriber, you will gain access to historical tracker insights that reveal blocking trends and help monitor your digital footprint, as well as access to the Ghostery Insights product. You also receive exclusive perks such as custom color themes, priority support service, and more features currently in development. With the addition of our desktop browser Ghostery Dawn, included is our very own private search engine Ghostery Glow! As a subscriber you also get Ad-Free private search.

I don’t work for this company and I personally wouldn’t recommend paying for anything. Hope that helps you with your decision friend! :slight_smile:

PS. Also please see my post here about how horribly outdated this browser currently is for your own safety. Ghostery Dawn freezes after a few hours of use - #2 by Coldfeet