Website Loading Times

The new tab loading times looked amazing and stunned me immediately! Compared to brave (with ghostery and ublock together) it took one more second to load youtube and it feels like things may be taking a bit longer to load overall. It could be because the browser is loading and trying to block more than brave (with 158 tabs open) is, so its not too bad i guess, it took 5 seconds to load youtube on the browser and 3.8ish on brave, there could possibly be optimizations that could be made without eliminating functionality but i thought i should note there seems to be higher loading times overall, but if there is no optimizations that could be done then i would be fine with the extra time. But amazing first impressions overall otherwise!

Hey there! Welcome to our feedback community! I’m Adamarie, Ghostery’s UX Researcher.

Quick question! When you say:

can you tell us where are you experiencing these higher loading times? We’d like to keep an eye to them because this is something we have in our goals to keep improving! If you’d like to keep it private, feel free to DM me instead!

thank you so much!