VPN not masking IP

Just installed and tried VPN’s. While I get the unknown error at times, others it appears to connect. However, when I check the IP address at various IPGeolocation services, nothing changes from when I’m not using your VPN. Using a different VPN (NordVPN) and checking IPGeolocation sites confirms their VPN works.

Hi @Darkman - Is it your IP that you are seeing when connected to the VPN or a different random IP?

There is a known issue where certain IP detection sites check what your system IP thinks it’s using rather than the IP of the network request. Could this be the issue you are experiencing?

We’re looking into why the system is thinking the IP address is different, but this shouldn’t be effecting any other features and you should be able to connect to the VPN no problem.

VPN connection seems to be no problem. However, location reported is off. For example, connected to LA VPN and Ipgeolocation.net says I’m in Colorado, New York or Illinois.

I need to correct that earlier post. One service reported all those different locations, but the whatismyipaddress.com reported LA correctly.

That is odd that different IP geolocation services report different addresses.

Yes… iplocation.net is definitely one site that we know is display/detecting IP based on Mac’s system preferences rather than the IP of the network request. We’re not really sure why it’s different but it certainly is on our radar to correct. It’s really confusing! Please stay tuned!

I like the VPN its fast only problem is it has failed once so far. i had it on was browsing around when i got done i went to turn it off it wasn’t even on. sometime while i had it on it decided to turn it self off. one thing you never want to see happen with a VPN then everyone has your IP address knows right where you are. this has nothing to protect you when it fails so know one can get your ip. its great for using to watch shows like in the UK or if someone wants to watch things here in the US. i would never trust it for use to hide your locations just don’t know when its going to just turn off then your screwed. i still have 6 more days to decide if i want to pay for this or not.

I have had that problem with both PIA (private internet access) and NordVPN.

The VPNs that cost a lot more have something if it disconnects blocks your computer from accessing the internet. its called Kill Switch. i had a VPN from Canada i never had a problem with it.

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Hi @knight72 - Thanks for letting us know the VPN disconnected without notice. This is something we for sure would want to avoid happening. I know someone on the team had mentioned a similar feature of disconnecting internet access if the VPN disconnects. We’ll do a bit more research and get some sort of solution on the roadmap.

Certainly appreciate this feedback!

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As of today, https://www.astrill.com/ipv6-leak-test reports that every available Ghostery server is leaking IPv6 addresses. Other test sites also report the leak.


Our release for 1.0.3 resolved the issue where the IP was reporting IP/location incorrectly on certain sites such as iplocation.net.

Our most recent release for 1.0.5 fixed an issue where connection to the VPN toggle was turning off, often every 30 minutes. This made it appear as if the VPN disconnected. We also introduced in this version an icon highlight/bounce to alert you if the VPN does disconnect.