VPN (an unknown error occurred)

Just received the invite to try Midnight Beta and the tracker and ad blocking seems to work fine in Edge (Chromium), however the VPN, not so sure, there is a red message saying “an unknown error occurred”.
Also, looks like the VPN, even disabled is sending the traffic to Denver, CO. IP:;

Hi @lflucena77 - Thanks for letting us know of this issue. Can you confirm if have tried connecting to each of the VPN servers available? Also, can you let us know if you are using any firewalls?

With regards to the Denver Co IP, we are aware of this happening with some users (I am one of them). This is caused by certain IP detection sites checking what your system IP thinks it’s using rather than the IP of the network request. The IP detected really depends on how the site is checking the IP. At the moment we’re unsure why the system is thinking the IP address is different but we are looking into this, but this shouldn’t be effecting any other features and you should be able to connect to the VPN no problem.


Hi Melissa,

I’m using Little Snitch and Sophos Antivirus, with both disabled didn’t seem to have made much effect.

Going to try again later.

Don’t matter what browser i use this wont work just dead. i disabled all my ad blockers even the Ghostery extension still wont work. i don’t know what else to do. as you can see by the screenshot even the VPN wont work.

Yep, I’ve had this also. I’ve also confirmed VPN does not mask IP even when it says connected.

Hi @knight72 - Can you let us know what version of windows you are using?

I ran the install again everything is working good now even the VPN. i was wondering does the VPN keep logs?

Hi @Darkman - Thanks for letting us know. Is this referring to a DNS leak? Are you able to provide more details on where this is showing?

Hi @knight72 - Ok, that great to hear! Sorry for the initial hiccup.

Regarding the VPN, we don’t keep any logs. More information on this can be found in our privacy policy (section X). https://www.ghostery.com/about-ghostery/ghostery-plans-and-products-privacy-policy/

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