Views & suggestion about Ghostery Browser after 1 week

I have been honestly loving this browser since day 1 and the fact that it’s Gecko-based and not another chromium clone. I have to tell that after 1 week, being an ex-brave & firefox user, Ghostery browser is putting the chromium browsers to shame in terms of speed and responsiveness. The browser is extremely fast and very responsive. I also trust this browser as it’s based on the Mozilla’s platform and not google which means it’s secured. Really like it so far but it obviously needs so much of improvements.

Here is all the improvements needed:

  • First of all, I can’t access this discourse forum through Ghostery Dawn Browser as it doesn’t log in properly (keeps taking back to the page where it asks you to log in). So I have to use safari whenever I need to use this forum.

  • Is this browser supposed to work with Firefox’s add-ons store? Since it’s based on Firefox, I can use the Firefox add-on’s store but installing extensions take longer than expected compared to Firefox and it doesn’t feel like the browser is optimized to work with the Firefox add-ons store. Also when installing extensions, it says install on “Firefox” and not “Ghostery Dawn”. Even if it’s based on Gecko, take example of brave, it uses chrome web store and whenever you install an extension, it says install on “brave”, I think it should say “Ghostery Dawn” if that’s possible on the Firefox add-on store.

  • One of the main reasons I use this browser is because it’s based on Gecko which is Wonderfull, but it just looks very similar to Firefox’s UI and doesn’t have it’s own unique look. Again, if we look at brave, it’s based on Chromium but doesn’t look like the chrome browser, if you know what I mean. Awesome that it’s based on Gecko and I love it, but a better & unique UI would do better!

  • On settings, there is a phrase saying Ghostery is your default browser and the emoji before the phrase is exactly what Firefox uses, would be great if it gets replaced by a Ghostery emoji smiling when it’s your default browser instead.

  • On the extensions settings, there should be a message saying you can install your extensions through the Firefox add-on store, so that new users know where to go, mainly those coming from chromium based browsers.

  • Ghostery browser’s logo’s design should be redone for the new Mac Big Sur OS as the icons of Brave, Safari and Chrome has changed to fit into the environment of Mac Big Sur.

Like this:

I will update more of my improvements here:) I just have a big list:)


Oh yes! This is so true! I forgot about the add-ons! I agree with his point. He is correct. Since Ghostery Dawn is a Gecko-fork it would make sense to allow or give us access to Firefox add-ons. Or, at the very least, Ghostery should have their own hub of extensions.

Ghostery Plus is a good extension but it may not be enough. Also, for those who do not want to purchase a Plus subscription, FIrefox add-on access would give users more choices to protect themselves.

By the way, is there a way to access the browser’s internal settings like Firefox’s “about:config”?


Thank You! and yes you can access “about:config”, just type in a separate tab:)


Useful information for me, :wink: I have something to learn from here, thanks to all!

thanks for the awesome information.