Update broke GM?

I got a very generic update popup on my computer the other day which I managed to attribute to GM after clicking OK.

First, that window needs to be labeled appropriately as “GM Update” or something. Having a random-looking update popup in this age is bad juju.

Second, after the update, the client and services appear to be running on the computer, but there is no longer a tray icon nor can I open the GUI. If I end all the GM tasks and run the exe again, the client appears to load, but none of the services load.

Looks like uninstalling, reinstalling and updating again fixed whatever happened.

Windows shows only 1.0.0 installed and now after the successful update it shows 1.0.1.

Hi @Vision9074 - Thanks for posting and so sorry about this issue! We uncovered this bug with the Windows up just after we pushed it out. The update to 1.0.1 should fix this issue moving forward.

Now that you’re on the 1.0.1 version, are you still seeing the tray icon missing? Also, appreciate the messaging re: the update message prompt. I’ll let the team know it was not clear the update was for Midnight and see if we can change that message.

Yes, everything is working normally after I uninstalled and installed 1.0.0 and let it update again to 1.0.1. Something with the original update must have failed and caused the issues.

I am stuck at the login windows I will uninstall and update to see if it helps.

Uninstall and update That did the trick.
Running 1.01 .
Thank you