Spotify Functionality Broken

Ironically, Ads are the ONLY thing that successfully play in Dawn… There needs to be some whitelisting before the site functions properly.


You’re not the only one with thus issue! This was first brought up on Github, and Ghostery’s working on it.

Unfortunately, this is currently out of Ghostery’s control. They’re working on fixing it, but they can’t do anything about it.

Basically, publishers use something called DRM (digital rights management) to make it harder for people to rip music and videos they don’t own. The problem is that, in order to be able to play stuff with this, Google makes people get a license for Wildvine, their DRM player.

Ghostery has requested one such license. You can keep up with its progress here.

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I am familiar with the github post as I’ve been using Ghostery in all my browsers for a while now, but was just trying to do my due diligence and create an entry here as well.

Thanks for the response, Happy Browsing!

Hey there!

Yes! Thanks for making an entry in our forum so we can keep up with any developments with DRM. I can’t add anything more than what @2br-2b said! So thank you fellow GhostTester for linking our Github!

If we have new updates, we’ll definitely let you know.

Happy Browsing to both of you!