Some sites do not load initially

I was heavily using links to and from within the site.
On several occasions, the website would not show up unless I refreshed or tried again.
I checked versus Firefox and it loaded right away.

P.s. My other account for search does not talk to this forum so I had to create another one.

Hi! I’m Adamarie, Ghostery’s UX Researcher.
Thanks for taking your time and creating an account here on Discourse, we appreciate it a lot!

Sorry to hear about your experience with eBay and Ghostery Browser :disappointed: Can you tell me more about how the experience overall has been so far?

Also, let me know if accessing eBay is still a hassle, I’ll pass the message along and see what we can do.


Overall it has been fine, it is very similar to my experience with firefox.
I cannot right click on things to bring up the “Block Element” in uBlock origin and when I make a webpage small to fit more things on my screen, a horizontal scroll bar will not show up.

I just played around with ebay through, it has a lot of ebay links. 4/5 worked immediately.

Other than those things, it is a familiar experience. I really didn’t care to see all the addons in the top right anyways so that is nice.
It seems fast and snappy. No issues with bookmarks or downloading.
My giant list of fonts works just fine (for coursework).
I switched back to firefox on a few annoying website with popups I could not block without the block element extension.

I’m happy to have more options especially after the recent mobile firefox UI changes.

Have a good one!


Thanks for sharing your hassles - I’ll pass the message and see what we can do!

Feel free to send me a Direct Message or reply to this post if you have more feedback to share. I’m here for all the scrutiny, positive and negative!

Have a good one as well!


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