Some initial observations on the Ghostery Browser

I immediately noticed that there is no way I could find to import bookmarks - did I miss something?

When I went to activate the Ghostery feedback, it would not accept my Ghostery Browser User name and password from the Ghostery password manager, so I entered it again, exactly as it was in the Ghostery Browser, and it worked fine. So the linkage between the password saver and the browser appears problematical.

When when I received the email to verify the Ghostery Feedback User and Password, and copied and pasted the verification link into the Ghostery browser, I got a page back from the Ghostery browser saying: [“BAD CSRF”]

However, when I put the same verification link into Firefox, it verified properly. Interesting!

The Browser does seem to work well on complex sites like

Dashlane PW manager installs on Ghostery, but does not work properly.

Hi there! I’m Adamarie, Ghostery’s UX Researcher.

First of all, thank you for taking your time to write this feedback! I’ve already passed the message along to the team. Quick question, how has it been for the past few days?

Also, we have some new updates on the Browser!

This is just for anybody else who is getting the “BAD CSRF” error code. I received that error last night, but this morning I resent an activation email and the process went through.

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