Showing some love

I’ve already reported a bug and will keep a lookout for more, but I just want to say thanks to the Ghostery Privacy Browser Team! I have wanted a browser like this for yearssssss and finally it’s here. I can’t stand clutter and Ghostery takes a sledgehammer to it before it even has a chance to be seen.

I use the Hey email platform (from Bandcamp), which is a privacy email platform. I use 1password. I pay for those two and Ghostery and it is worth every penny to protect my privacy in an increasingly wild west of the internet, cough cough Ajit Pai cough cough.

Hey there! I’m Adamarie, Ghostery’s UX Researcher

First of all, a million thanks for reporting bugs! We appreciate you for taking the time to let us know what’s been bugging.
Second, thank you for the love!!! We’re extremely happy we are making your browser dreams come true.

My DM’s are open and this post as well if you would like to share more feedback, positive and negative!

We hope you keep enjoying!


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