Say hello to Ghostery Midnight 1.4.0!

Exciting news! We just dropped a brand new release of Midnight. Access advanced features and enjoy product improvements when you update! Read below to see what’s changed.

Click here to download the latest version of Midnight


  • Live Traffic: Monitor network activity in your browser and non-browser apps. Search through specific apps or URLs, see which URLs are blocked, and report any trackers we may have missed.
  • VPN Fallback Security: If your VPN unexpectedly becomes disabled, this feature shuts off your internet so that your IP address is never exposed.
  • Opportunity for users to provide feedback during free trial
  • In-house messaging platform to dynamically inform users of notifications within Midnight.


  • Messaging around required system approvals asked during installation for all supported macOS versions
  • Contacting support now opens form instead of email, with the option to attach logs
  • Added Ghostery Dawn app/package information as a recognized browser
  • System notifications for sign-outs and free trial expiration notice
  • Messaging with next steps when disconnected from the VPN


  • macOS High Sierra (10.13) not always rendering or starting
  • Taking a long time to load during startup when internet is not connected on Windows
  • Incompatible connection signing into
  • Restarting computer when Midnight is minimized prompts to login again on Windows
  • Missing buttons on the proceed with click tracking page
  • Incorrect values being sent back to Ghostery for troubleshooting purposes
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