Quit using it on safari

I had to quit using it on safari 13.0.4. Safari was started act up with Midnight after I updated it to latest version.

Hi @Motoman - Thanks for lettings us know and sorry you’re having this issue. Does uninstalling midnight and reinstalling solve the issue? You can download the latest version via this link.

If reinstalling doesn’t work, are there any additional details you can provide such as certain sites visited and which version of MacOS you are on? I’m currently on MacOS Mohave with Safari 13.0.4 and haven’t encountered any issues yet.

Thanks Mellisa. I have reinstalled it and will try using it in Safari and document any troubles.
I am using Mojave.

Well so much for that. I cannot give you any feed back. After reinstalling, Ghostery said I had used my 7 days up and wanted me to buy it. Too many bugs for the high end version. So I installed it. I’ll use ADP on Safari and if I ever want a VPN is buy it separately.