Promo code question

Im doing the beta test and was given a code in the welcome email saying "
2. Accept your 7-day free trial of ad-free search. As a special treat for being a GhostTester, we are offering you an additional 30 days of free trial with code to use at checkout while signing up for Ghostery Plus."
I tried to do this but then noticed that I first have to give my mailing address and credit card info BEFORE I get to the code page.
Tell me I’m wrong and simply made a mistake and went to the wrong place, because if not, that is shady.

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Agree completely! If it’s a gift make a gift without demanding cc info! Makes me question if I will do any further feedback

Yep. Shady or poorly planned. Either way, serious red flag there.
Any moderators want to jump in and explain?

Apologies for the trouble here. We did offer a free 7 day trial to everyone which did not require payment information. However, we do not currently have a way built out to offer an extended free trial for certain people and not others. This is why we offered the coupon for some. However, the subscription can be canceled at any time and if you ever have any issues please reach out to us via email We can refund any payments that occurred prior to cancelation should anyone forget before renewal. We appreciate any feedback and thanks for trying it out!