Need a lot longer trial prior to purchase

I was notified today that my trial of premium has expired. Honestly, even at the reduced rate of $8 month or about $100 a year, I will have to pass. Still too many bugs and questions for me to commit at this point.

I see a lot of potential, but I think it still needs a lot of work to be better at what it does. This type of AIO privacy suite requires all facets to be working for me to buy in. I’d rather have 3 separate programs that do their job perfectly than 1 that is doing all 3 so-so.

Also of concern, as of tonight, I don’t think anyone from support has logged in or answered a question in 4 days.

IMHO This product needs a lot longer trial period or beta testing before asking users to spend that kind of money.

Thanks for the opportunity to test it. It has been fun and educational!

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I feel same as you. i was getting blue screen don’t know how many times i couldn’t figure out why. i stopped using this for day or so they stopped. like you said has to many problems don’t even work on a lot of sites. i already have a good program i pay for and a bunch of extensions i have zero ads on all sites.

Ditto I feel the same. I can use ADP ad blocker and buy a VPN for a lot less than $8/month. Besides I tried using VPN on Netflix and it was rejected. I understand some VPN are working on Netflix.

Completely in agreement here as well. Nobody ever responded to the item I posted regarding the VPN leaking IPv6 addresses - there would be little point in signing up for a VPN that isn’t successfully keeping my information private.

I agree with other posters overall - it’s a nice looking application, easy to use, intuitive - but it’s not ready to ask for my money yet.

Sorry you haven’t heard back from our support. Our support team is very diligent with responding.

Are you still waiting on a response? I’m seeing any messages with your name in our support dashboard. If you haven’t received a response yet, can you try sending another message to

Hi all - Certainly appreciate the feedback here and sorry to hear you won’t be taking advantage of the holiday promotion to upgrade to premium. I do hope you continue to use the basic version of Midnight, which provides protection for your browser for free. This especially helps where browser restrictions limit the extensions ability to block trackers such as in Safari and once Chrome updates with Manifest v3.

In the meantime, please do check back here from time to time as we’ll be posting announcements on upcoming changes here as well.

Alas, I have to agree. I do not believe the product is quite ready for market yet, and sincerely hope it won’t be hurt like so many others, where marketing deadlines ride roughshod over the development process. I regret I will not continue beta testing this as I am now being made to commit to a subscription rate which although heavily discounted runs more than double that available from seasoned leading alternatives, at least one of which offers not 6 but 10 seats. Still, I’ll continue to run the free/plus extension, and remain open to switching to Ghostery Midnight when I find performance and price compelling enough.

The potential is definitely there: an all-in-one VPN anti-tracking ad blocking package with a visually appealing and well organized interface. But from my cursory testing there’s still work needed on the backend if this is to launch successfully, and maybe some work on pricing too if it is to stay afloat.

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I agree, TOO MANY BUGS TO GO LIVE. Needs to remain in Beta longer.