Make Ghostery Dawn available for .deb, .rpm, and Flatpak

I would like it if the Ghostery Dawn Team can make the Ghostery Dawn web browser available in not only tar.gz but also .deb, .rpm, and Flatpak. I did find an AppImage BUT, not only was it Dawn 2021.4 which is old, but also AppImages cannot auto-update.

Hi there,

Thanks for the feedback! Our dev team is working on Snap Packages and hope to release them by the end of the year. Happy browsing!

-Ghostery Support

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That’s awesome! welp, when it comes out i will be installing it on fedora through snapd support.

also, can i get an early test snap?

I reached out to our dev team regarding your request and we may be able to make that happen. It will be early next year before we will have that ready though. We will let you know! Appreciate the interest!

also, are you working on flatpaks or will you just stick with snap for now?

At the moment snap, but if there is an update I will let you know.

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any updates on Ghostery dawn snap package for ubuntu?

nothing? no reply?


Hey! Sorry for the delay. I have reached out on a status update regarding that. I will let you know what I find out.

Could you report this to GitHub - ghostery/ghostery-browser-linux-support: Ghostery Browser on Linux (installer and Linux-specific documentation)? Our devs requested this, thank you!

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Thanks! I will check it out!

i cant find ghostery dawn in snapcraft or flathub and its already half way into the year

Would really love a deb file for the browser…

A deb and rpm package or a flatpak would make it so much easier to install Dawn on linux

apparently, ghostery was working on a snap, but that doesn’t seem to but there has been no update on that for months already

Apologies for the delay. If we release this it would be found on Github here: GitHub - ghostery/user-agent-desktop: Ghostery Desktop Browser

Other things have taken precedent at this time.

I don’t see a deb and rpm file in the link you put there. It’s the same tar.gz file that is almost impossible to install like a normal app. When will there be downloadable deb and rpm files instead of some GitHub link with the same tar.gz file? I wish for the Ghostery Team to make Dawn easily accessible for Linux. As much as I want to recommend Dawn on Linux, it pains me but as long as there is no deb and rpm package for Linux, I am forced to recommend Firefox to Linux users. Please let me know when Dawn should be available for Linux in deb and rpm format as soon as possible. I am on a mac, so I am using Dawn and recommending it to windows and mac users. Ghostery is missing out on a growing amount of people as Linux is getting more and more popular.

@GhosterySupport is there any update as to when Ghostery will release a deb and rpm, or even a flatpak?