Is this because of Ghostery Dawn or Windows 11?

When I close my browser the top, side and bottom are all flush against the edges of my screen.
(I could only upload one picture so I can’t show you)

But when I open the browser the right side and bottom of the browser are slightly away from the screen edges.

Is this Ghostery Dawn that is repositioning the browser window or Windows 11? I’ve tried every way I can think of to reposition the browser before closing it so the position will be saved correctly but it’s always shifted on opening.

Any suggestions on how to get my browser to fill the entire side of the screen? It shouldn’t but this drives me nuts.

Here’s what the browser looks like on closing:

Hey there, could you let us know if this i still an issue?

Yes - on opening, the browser is still slightly shifted away from the right and bottom sides. When I close my browser, I only have it half screen (but touching the right and bottom sides) so I don’t know if it would also be shifted on the left side too if I had it full screen.

Screen shot just now on opening the browser:
Screenshot 2022-12-01 102235