Installing on Linux? Click here!

Hey there fellow GhostTesters!

We’ve had a couple of Linux topics around here, so I’m posting over here our Github instructions on how to install Ghostery Dawn on Linux!

If you encounter some difficulties or have feedback on this process, feel free to jump on this post and leave your thoughts!

Happy Browsing!


My OS in MX-Linux with the XFCE gui.
With great difficulty I had successfully installed and opened Dawn (about a month ago). After one week, I was instructed to purchase “plus” to continue with the search engine in the browser - I tried but that didn’t work - after closing the browser, it would not reopen.
I’m trying again and purchased plus. I downloaded the latest file and I backed up the old Ghostery dir.
I tried to go through the installation steps but (after many hours) got nowhere.
exec “$HOME/Ghostery/Ghostery” -P ghostery-build “$@” does not launch.
Although I originally succeeded in Mar/Apr… the instructions to install and launch for linux do not help me… they are to general.
I need a simple “Launch” button or specific step by step - copy/paste commands to participate as a “ghost tester”.
Please supply the needed instructions for us non-techie linux users.
Thank you.