Important Update: Ghostery Midnight

We have some sad news to share: On June 15th, we will be discontinuing our desktop product, Ghostery Midnight. We are proud of what we built in Midnight, but we feel like this is the right moment to focus our efforts on our core product offering as we build the world’s most private browsing technologies.

Ghostery continues our commitment to build the world’s most powerful suite of privacy products with advanced features and technologies. This includes continued development of our new privacy browser (Ghostery Dawn) and search (Ghostery Glow) alongside the Ghostery Extension and Insights.

We want to thank all of you so much for taking this journey with us and your continued support.

What does this mean for our Plus & Premium users?

  • Starting May 26th, we will begin to transition all subscription plans to Ghostery Plus (4.99/mo. or 3.99/mo. for annual plans)
  • Current monthly Premium subscribers will be transitioned to our Plus subscription for $4.99 per month at the end of their next billing cycle.
  • Current annual Premium subscribers will be transitioned to a Plus plan (3.99/mo. Billed annually) on May 26th. These subscribers will be credited the remaining prorated amount of their Premium plan to their accounts.

With the Plus subscription tier, you will be able to access all Ghostery’s paid features across all products for one low price, including:

  • Advanced features in Ghostery Extension
  • Privacy intelligence and analytics in Ghostery Insights
  • Ad-free private search in Ghostery Glow (in beta)
  • Optimized privacy browser in Ghostery Dawn (in beta)

Click here to access your account to manage or cancel your subscription as well as view your next billing cycle date.

Important information:

For Ghostery Midnight to block ads and trackers, it needs special access to your computer’s network settings to view and modify internet activity. Continuing use of Midnight without any official support poses an increased risk to connection issues and potential security vulnerabilities over time. Consequently, we will be completely disabling Midnight on June 15th. We recommend fully uninstalling Midnight to prevent any issues from occurring in the future.

To uninstall Midnight:

  • MacOS: Navigate to the Midnight menu at the top left of the screen. Navigate to ‘Help’ → ‘Uninstall’.
  • Windows: Select the ‘Start’ button then navigate or search for ‘Apps & features’. Select Ghostery Midnight and then ‘Uninstall’.

Users subscribed to Premium, regardless of when the account transitions to the Plus subscription, will continue to have access to the VPN, but only until June 15th.

Visit our blog for more information.

You marketed the product wrong. If you look at the PC Mag review - which still got 3 stars - they beat you up over the VPN and spent almost no time on your unique competitive advantage … the VPN market is saturated, the Blocking Windows 10 desktop app trackers is not. In fact, to my knowledge that are no competitors in that space for a PC … just MAC with DisconnectMe. Not once did I see something mentioned about blocking trackers in Outlook 2019… from you or a review (could have missed it).

Midnight is the ONLY new app I planned to buy this year. Somebody would be smart to buy it from you. Change the strategy … take out the VPN … price it right, and reintroduce.