How I got Ghostery to work on Wayland after enabling MOZ_ENABLE_WAYLAND

I enabled MOZ_ENABLE_WAYLAND on my desktop because I read that Firefox has received a lot of improvements on Wayland + experience is much better compared to XWayland.

When I first did this, Firefox was fine on KDE Neon, but every other Firefox fork wasn’t. I had to add the following in pref.js:

user_pref("gfx.webrender.all", true);
user_pref("widget.wayland-smooth-rendering", true);
user_pref("widget.wayland.fractional_buffer_scale", 0);
user_pref("widget.wayland.multi-buffer-software-backend.enabled", true);

Is there a way to do this across all profiles in Ghostery? Firefox has syspref.js, but I couldn’t find that file in Ghostery. Creating that file in the default or Ghostery’s root directory didn’t work either.