Glow Suggestions

Hello. Are there any plans to implement these features into Glow so it mimics other search engines? Since it is in beta is there a publicly available roadmap anywhere to see what the plans for it are?

1a. Search features such as Maps from Apple Maps

1b. Local weather results from a search for “weather”.

1c. Local business answers (e.g., restaurant addresses and phone numbers).

1d. News

1e. Definitions to words from a search.

1f. Wikipedia references on right with images? Aka make it pretty. (I know this is subjective)

1g. Why is the Ghostery Glow search page stuck on “dark mode”? Why not have a dark/light theme in the setting option you can on Google and DuckDuckGo?

Thank you.

Great suggestions, I think our search engine has potential, we also need “settings” for our search engine, this way if someone wants to switch to light mode from dark, or enable “open links in new tabs” etc, settings would be great. We should also look into open-sourcing our search engine, I think that will make it a more appealing choice for the FOSS community and those who care about privacy deeply. @GhosterySupport @melissa @adamarielaboy

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Thanks for the support @MrLuxury maybe one day the developers will be a little more active in reviewing these forums.