Ghostery Midnight - What's new in version 1.0.3

We’re constantly working to improve your Midnight experience. Here’s a summary of what has changed the latest version of 1.0.3.

What’s New:

  • Ability to turn off application log generation in the settings
  • Improved tracker URL matching
  • Automatically disables IPv6 when connecting to VPN for improved security

Bug Fixes:

  • Certain IP detection websites could display the address incorrectly while proxy was enabled
  • Resolved potential DNS leak in certain scenarios
  • ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS error occurred when visiting certain websites
  • Incorrect User-Agent could be sent when no User-Agent was provided
  • ‘Launch App on Startup’ setting may not be saved between updates

If you’re experiencing any issues, please don’t hesitate to reach out to

Happy Browsing!

Hi! I am really happy with Midnight and am glad that to subscribe. That said, there are a few things I’ve noticed. Some of them have been mentioned in the forum like Roboform not syncing but I’ve also noticed that pause doesn’t always work. Specifically, when I pause, most of the time the adblocking and VPN features remain active. I end up having to quit Midnight in order to unblock connections.

Additionally, it would be nice if you could selectively unblock apps listed in the ‘Active Apps’ section (like Roboform.)

I really appreciate all of the hard work that has gone into making Midnight and look forward to using it far into the future. Thank you!

I’m tempted to get this. i did like the VPN at least when it didn’t turn off expose my ip. the rest of it needs a lot of work. i was wondering something. say if i got for 1 or 2 month i canceled it then later on i wanted to try it again. would i still get it again for the $8 since i got it on the $8 lifetime discount or would i have to pay full price?

Hi @gbrachii - Thanks for the feedback and support! Sorry you’re experiencing issues when trying to pause Midnight. At the moment, pausing only pauses the ability to monitor network traffic for blocking or monitoring purposes. This won’t pause the VPN but ad blocking should be paused. Can you let us know what OS (+ version #) you’re running so we can take a look?

Thanks also for the active app suggestion. While this may be something we can take a look into adding in the future, in the meantime, did you know you can selectively turn off blocking/monitoring in the My Applications panel (left side menu -> 2nd from the top)? The list is compiled of active applications we have seen over time and to the right of each app is a 3-way toggle, where you can disable the network traffic monitoring for that specific app. If you can’t find Roboform on the My Applications list, let me know and I can take a look. Sometimes apps use system frameworks or we are having trouble identifying the app is a common app and not a system process. When that happens, we list the app under the ‘system/unknown’ dropdown.



Hi @knight72 - Unfortunately once the subscript plan is canceled, the discount can’t be applied again later. However, we are resolving a few issues with the VPN in the next version which we are planning on releasing very soon (early next week). Specifically, there was an issue with some time after being connected to the VPN, the toggle appeared to turn off. During our testing of this, the cause was found to be just with the toggle display and that the VPN was actually still connected. It’s likely your IP address wasn’t exposed even though the app made you believe that it was.

I hope this helps!

Now that the lifetime discount has ended im not going to bother with it not going to pay full price when i could of had it for $8. good like with it.

Hi @gbrachii - I just wanted to provide a quick update that we’ve just released a version (1.1.2) which should resolve the issues with Roboform. Thanks so much again for letting us know about this issue!