Ghostery Midnight - What's new in 1.4.1

We just dropped a brand new release of Midnight. Read below to see what’s changed:


  • Integrated enhanced version of Ghostery’s Tracker Database to improve blocking in email and apps
  • New welcome messaging for first-time installations


  • Notification when signed out of Midnight
  • Account state logic
  • Small messaging changes
  • Removed dependency on %PATH% for Windows installation location
  • Support installing on non-standard Windows drives


  • VPN failing to connect on certain devices
  • Condition which could cause the proxy to crash on Windows
  • Some instances of Windows errors on startup
  • Unexpected sign-out on MacOS
  • Incorrect counting of tracker requests
  • Some tracker stats may be reset after restart or re-sign in
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Several times waking up my macOS Big Sur laptop resulted in Ghostery Midnight 1.4.1 being locked up and unresponsive, clicking on any of the buttons has no result. Only shutting down the program and restarting will resolve this issue. Thought at first something was wrong with my laptop but the same thing just happened on my office macOS Big Sur this morning after an overnight sleep

The hanging up issue now happens every morning. One addition note is the pop out panel is always popped out when it is locked up.

Hi @BradyL - Sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issue and thanks for letting us know. Have you tried doing a full uninstall then reinstall? To fully uninstall, instead of moving the application to the trash, you will need to navigate to the top left menu then select HelpUninstall.

Yes, I did uninstall via the Help menu, shut down my computer, waited 15 minutes before rebooting. Downloaded the software, installed with the correct allowances and registered the certificate. Same issue returned after I allow the computer to go to sleep. I did however discover that when locked up, the lefthand pop out panel was out, I did not shut down the program this time however but let it stay locked. After about 5 minutes, it unlocked and the panel returned to the normal state. I’ll continue to provide feedback as I discover new facts. Btw, this is happening on 3 different machines, 1 MACBook Pro, 1 iMAC and 1 iMAC Pro


I have had a problem with my antivirus program which have started to block Ghostery Midnight - I have reported a false positive to them :unamused:
But I wanted to reinstall and therefore need a new download of Midnight, but are you re-configuring the page? :thinking:

Just read that Ghostery Midnight is being discontinued in June. Does that mean we are losing our VPN options?

Hi there, unfortunately the reason why the Midnight product page was taken down is because we are sun-setting Midnight on June 15th. In the meantime, you can download Midnight via the following links.


You can visit our blog post for more information: Ghostery Subscription & Product Update - Ghostery

Yes, unfortunately the VPN will also be discontinued.

You will have access to the VPN but only until June 15th. Because of the nature which how Midnight operates, it poses too much of a risk for it to remain installed on user’s machines after the 15th without any official support. We will be disabling access to the UI on the 15th, prompting users to uninstall.

You can visit our blog post for more information: Ghostery Subscription & Product Update

Ew, sorry to hear that :confused: