Ghostery Midnight - Whats new in 1.1.2

We’re constantly working to improve your Midnight experience. Here’s a look of what has changed in the latest version, 1.1.2.

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  • Added additional verification and security steps to the VPN


  • Roboform incompatibility
  • Unable to map between account names error occuring for Window’s users with non-English languages set.
  • Error returning when trying to view embeded Youtube videos on non-Youtube websites.

Is there any news on when Midnight will get a Kill Switch? Everything about Ghostery’s setup is above and beyond but the one cruciual thing that is still missing is protection for if the VPN goes down or turns itself off (which happens frequently enough that this is kind of a “must have” feature for total security).

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Hi @youarenotfeklar - thanks for holding! At the moment, we’re currently scoping out the requirements for adding a kill switch feature to Midnight and anticipate development on it would start in the next couple of weeks. I’ll keep this thread updated once we have a better timeline.



Right on! Thanks, @melissa!

Hi @melissa just saw the latest release and was wondering if there was any update on the possibility of a killswitch. Thanks!

Hi @youarenotfeklar - Appreciate your patience! Good new is this feature is actively in development and is near completion.

Not so good news, is our next couple of versions that come out need to address the new version of macOS, BigSur. BigSur is depreciating a framework Midnight currently uses and since it is estimated to be released in the next month or so, this is a bit time sensitive.

Once our main changes for BigSur support are release, I do have killswitch planned for released in the next version that follows.

Hope this helps!

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Awesome! Thanks for the update @melissa! :grinning:

Hi @melissa - just checking in to see if there’s an ETA on the killswitch feature. Thanks!

Hi @youarenotfeklar - Thank you so much for your patience!! Our next release is pretty big and includes a new feature called ‘VPN Fallback Security’ which will halt your internet connection if the VPN unexpectedly disconnects.

Our QA team is currently testing this release, but since it is a larger release, it is taking a bit longer to get it out the door. We’re hoping it will be released within the next couple of weeks so long as no unexpected issues pop up.

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Thank you, @melissa!