Ghostery Midnight - Introducing 1.2.0!

We’re constantly working to improve your Midnight experience. Here’s a look at the updates in the latest version, 1.2.0.

Click here to download the latest version of Midnight

What’s new:

  • Removed the 2 browser limit for free users - Free users will now have tracker and ad blocking protection across all browsers in Midnight
  • App tracker and ad blocking for Plus subscribers, VPN still requires Premium subscription
  • Upgrade links now direct to the subscription plan page
  • Dark mode in Windows 10
  • Chrome X-client-data header information is stripped from network requests for Plus and Premium subscribers


  • Dependency updates to improve security


  • Pausing issues, when the app appeared to be paused but wasn’t, and vice versa
  • Connection issues with RingCentral
  • Instances where the amount of days left of the free trial was off by a day