Ghostery Midnight - 1.3.1 Update

We’re constantly working to improve your Midnight experience. Most notably, this version should resolve issues preventing certain websites from loading and introduces the ‘start minimized’ setting.

Click here to download the latest version of Midnight

Here’s a look of what has changed in the latest version, 1.3.0.


  • Start minimized on launch setting, available under the settings panel when ‘Launch on Startup’ is enabled.
  • Warning added when navigating to URLs that are trackers and asks if you would like to proceed.
  • Added parts of a mechanism to release new beta features to a smaller pool of users.


  • Performance/speed on Windows
  • Various security improvements
  • Code stability
  • Information provided in the logs for troubleshooting purposes (We do not collect logs automatically. Logs would need to sent when reporting an issue.)
  • Tool-tip design


  • Issues where certain websites were unable to load because the URL matched criteria on the block lists.