Ghostery Dawn UI Redesign

With Firefox 89, Mozilla came out with their Proton Redesign which made Firefox’s UI more clean, and elegant, and Ghostery Dawn already looks unique and pretty nice but I think Ghostery can make it’s UI simpler and nicer. For example, the Glowstery search bar on the start page and the little Glowstery icon next to the insights icon seem unnecessary when you can search Glowstery using the address bar. maybe also add some blur, rounding, or effects to make Dawn more modern. Also the inclusion of a light theme as an option would be nice for some people (I personally like dark theme but not everyone does).

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Hi Tux,
I agree with your idea to change the UI of Dawn.
Also I think it would be better to make it more “customizable” insted of more simple.
The past days I started to compare Dawn and the old Cliqz browser (which I kinda see as a pre version of Dawn even so its not ^^’ ) and the first thing I came along was the missing of options to customize it yourself.
Like for a own background, theme, Favorite bar, last visited, news, etc.
I know it could make it more crowded but then its the choice of the user.
For example I am a big fan of a favorite bar even so you could use bookmarks for it as well, it looks a bit more clean in my eyes and I like it to open the browser and have “my” homescreen there.
At the end I think we have the same goal in mind, I just wanted to leave my thought here aswell :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Also side question, is it just me who needs to use a different browser to log into the forum since Dawn doesnt let me log in? ^^’

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I personally think Dawn should focus on simplicity and elegance but customizablility is nice to have! I have the same issue regarding not being able to login to Ghostery Dawn. I will put in my details, click login, and then… I still see “sign up” and login" at the top of the page.

Yeah same here, well need to use Firefox then to use the Ghostery Forum feels a bit weird but well :joy:

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Definitely, the only reason I use Dawn with Firefox is because it lacks syncing, I can’t login into Ghostery Feedback on their own browser :man_facepalming: and Dawn should make Linux installation easier (on my Linux machine Dawn is to hard to install, but that is another topic).