Ghostery Dawn stuck in an endless update loop

Ghostery Dawn keeps notifying me that there is an update available so I click on “Restart to Update Ghostery”. The browser then downloads the update and then displays the “Restart to Update Ghostery” again. I’ve tried updating from
“About Ghostery” window: Screenshot 2022-12-08 204459
and from the top address bar: see next post for picture

Both give the same results - a never ending request to update.

Windows 11

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Screenshot 2022-12-08 204459

I have literally the exact same problem

I’m on Dawn 2022.8.1 on macOS 13 Ventura. It will probably be fixed in 2023.1

So we have the exact same versions of Dawn just different platforms - you’re Mac and I’m Windows.

I recently started to get a popup window that tells me I need to do an update (when I start Dawn). Are you getting the same thing? Originally I was just getting the dot notification on the “open application menu” icon (I still have this). I thought perhaps this might resolve the problem but unfortunately not so.

Yup! I have the exact same problem!

This is now fixed for me. YEA - thank you ghostery.

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