Ghostery Dawn is a good browser

Thank you for the opportunity to test your browser. On the whole, I would say Ghostery Dawn is a good browser. I have some additional thoughts I would like to share with you too. If you work at it, Ghostery desktop could become a definitive browser among the many Gecko-based browsers that are available.

I know your company made an alternate search engine and browser available (Cliqz) a few years ago and, unfortunately, the effort later flopped. However, since Ghostery is more well known I think you can pull such an effort under the Ghsotery flag. In terms of search engines, there are already lots of them that are privacy-oriented so I do not think another is a good idea.

From my vantage point, I would probably use Ghostery Dawn as a secondary browser. But, there are not that many full functioning, well maintained Firefox fork browsers. So Ghostery desktop just might become popular or eek out market share initially because of this. Especially since, like Brave, many of your browser’s privacy features are built in.

I would also suggest you also work on upgrading or enhancing your mobile privacy browser too. DuckDuckGo is able to advertise using their privacy browser (which is pretty good) and you all could do the same but offer an even more enhanced product than DDG.

However, a good way for people to use your browser or products is to advertise in some way. Brave is doing this and you might even want to give a discount or one year free on your enhanced Ghostery add-on or utilize some other sort of marketing tool (like crypto currency) to help gain market share.

One other product you could make is a VPN. I know your extension has one included, but my experience with Opera shows that browser VPN’s aren’t that good. That could also apply to VPNs included in extensions.

None the less, thank you again for the opportunity! :slight_smile:

Hello again!

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts so far. I love how you’ve given thought of the ways Ghostery can keep improving, and this is exactly what we like hearing!

As far as the VPN, our desktop app Ghostery Midnight has a VPN, where we are actively exploring the mobile version.

I have a few questions for you, out of curiosity (and because I’m a researcher!), so I’ll DM you :slight_smile:

It should be us thank you for the opportunity to test Ghostery Dawn!