Ghostery Dawn freezes after a few hours of use

When I say “freezes,” I mean freezes solid. Can’t select text anywhere, can’t change tabs, can’t close the browser. Not from the "“X” at top-right, not from the right-click on the taskbar.

The only way I can close it is with Task Manager, in the “Processes” Tab:" right-click the process, then select “End task”

Today is the fourth time this has happened in the last three or four days.

So far, when I have restarted it, the browser seems to have come back up with the same stuff it had when it froze. But this makes me nervous … so nervous that I’m not prepared to use it as my primary browser, much less my default browser. I’ll go back to FireFox, for now.

I’m running Windows 10 Home, Version 21H2, OS build 19044.1706. Installed on 1/1/2020, it sez here. On an HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop 15-ec2xxx, 32 GB RAM.

Hi Nobody! Is it just Ghostery Dawn that’s doing this? Like how is the performance of Microsoft Edge, Firefox, other browsers installed on your computer? You could try clearing the cookies and cache of Ghostery Dawn first if you haven’t. Give troubleshoot mode a try or even refreshing or resetting it like you would Firefox, if possible. I no longer have it installed myself so I can’t tell you for sure.

For me personally, I originally enjoyed Ghostery Dawn when I first came across it but from a security standpoint it lags hard behind Firefox updates. Right now Ghostery Dawn is still on 2022.4 which equals Firefox 99. It is listed here. Release 2022.4 · ghostery/user-agent-desktop · GitHub

Firefox has already pushed out 99.0.1, 100, 1. 100.0.1, 100.0.2, 101 and 101.0.1

That’s 6 updates the current version of Ghostery Dawn is behind. I stress the security updates more than anything, bugfixes and new features are nice too obviously.

This forum is also totally dead as far as I’m concerned as is the official reddit page. If you look at my post history you’ll see I made multiple posts for suggestions to the product. I’m not just some hater. I want to see it get better but it doesn’t look like Ghostery themselves are really invested in it.

Thanks. Yes, Ghostery is the only browser that has done this. Mind you, I don’t use M$ Edge, haven’t tried Chrome lately, just use Firefox. I don’t feel inclined to burn a lot of time on experiments.

Mind you also, when I first tried to log into this forum to reply, the “G Cty” software not only wouldn’t accept my login, it also (1) didn’t tell me there was a problem and (2) when I requested an email link it never sent one (after more than a half-hour).

I did then go to FF settings and selectively remove cookies/cache for Ghostery (only). That then did let me log in here. Sheesh.

Thanks though for filling me in on the state of Gh Dawn updates. Yes, I have 2022.4 installed, and yes my FF version is 101.0.1. Gack.

I think I won’t spend more time on this right now. I’ve bookmarked your link to the GitHub notice; I’ll be able to drop in and see if there’s any progress, if I remember to.

Again, thanks.

No problem, glad I could help in some way! I only recommended testing the other browsers to help isolate the problem but I totally understand not wanting to waste time trying to figure it out if you don’t want to.

If you or anyone else that stumbles upon this thread is interested in a way to configure Firefox so it is almost identical to Ghostery Dawn (with obviously better updates from the source :wink:). This is directly from the github README page for it. Ghostery makes the following changes:

The Ghostery Desktop Browser is a minimal fork of Firefox optimised for privacy. The main extra features are:

  • The Ghostery Privacy Blocker extension is included and enabled by default.
  • Ghostery privacy search included.
  • Firefox settings (telemetry etc) tuned for maximum privacy.

So basically it’s Firefox, then add the Ghostery extension: Ghostery – Privacy Ad Blocker – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US)

Add Glowstery Glow: Ghostery Glow for Firefox – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US)

Turn off all the Mozilla telemetry (personally I think it’s good to have this enabled, it’s how they know where to improve and what to add/remove): Telemetry collection and deletion | Firefox Help

At the bottom of the README it looks like they also integrate BetterFox.


The User Agent projects aim to serve people’s interests. We are open for communities to actively shape the future of our browsers and seek to get community feedback and opinions.

Communities are taking an active role in the project decision making:

  • Better-Fox - maintain an opinionated Firefox preferences list

You can also see it listed here: user-agent-desktop/Better-Fox.js at feed028f526e0a08776d7a0650603900d0d1dfa1 · ghostery/user-agent-desktop · GitHub

And again here:

Hope this also helps you @Nobody if you want to keep an up to date Firefox with the Ghostery goodies! :slight_smile: