First impression on Ghostery Dawn

WARNING, I’m not used to Firefox.

Thank you for this browser, it seems pretty fast.

But, there is always a but, even with the option to restore previous session checked, all pinned tabs disappear.

And there is no option to change language. I understand it will be added?

I also can’t find a way to customize the start page.

And Ghostery Glow doesn’t seem to work. I get always a black page with
What am I missing?


Hey there!

Thanks for joining our forum!

Let me go point by point for your convenience!

  1. About restoring previous sessions, I’d encourage to refer to because I can’t seem to get this problem triggered.
  2. We will be adding languages, so we definitely have this in our pipeline.
  3. There’s no current capability to customize tabs, but this is super great you mention it because we will be adding this in time.
  4. Ghostery Glow not working: I would also refer to, since it appears to be a bug.

Hope this helps!