Exemption List for apps that don't like Midnight

My Catalina Mac reports it cannot check for updates unless I pause Midnight. Also my Dropox seems not to like Midnight either.

I know it sort of defeats the object but at least for now could we have an exclusion list for apps that don’t work with Midnight turned on?

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Good idea. My Twitter app on my MacBook won’t function at all unless Midnight is disabled.

Hi @Serenak - Thanks for posting and letting us know of these issues. We do have an exemption list that is compiled on the backend. The issue connecting to Dropbox should be resolved now. Can you let me know if you are still experiencing this issue?

In addition, at any point you encounter an app that isn’t playing nice with Midnight, you temporarily fix this by heading over to the ‘My Apps’ section in Midnight and selecting ‘disable’ protection for the specific app (system processes can also be disabled, by expanding ‘System/Unknown’. Hope this helps!