Every other software takes ages to load

While Midnight is running, every Program on my PC that requires Internet to function (Steam, Discord, Teamspeak, Browsers (Firefox, Opera, TOR, Chrome) just to name a few) takes way to long to load. I’m using a third-party VPN (ProtonVPN) but that shouldn’t be a problem since it works just fine on its own. While I really like the the purpose of GM it’s sadly unusable if I have to wait ~2 Minutes every time I open a website, klick on a link or switch chat-tabs.

Hi @BT7021 - Appreciate you reaching out about this! Midnight’s surely shouldn’t be causing slower connection speeds. I’m assuming you when Midnight was opened, only Tracker Protection and Ad Blocking were enabled? Would it be possible to provide more information about your device so we can help troubleshoot?

(menu -> Ghostery Midnight -> About Ghostery Midnight)

  • Midnight version

(Settings -> About)

  • OS Version #
  • Processor
  • Installed RAM
  • System Type

Yes, you are are correct. I don’t use two VPNs simultaneously.

Midnight-Version: 1.0.8

Edition: Windows 10 Pro
Version: 1903
Build: 18362.720

Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 3800X 8-Core Processor 3.90GHz
Installed RAM: 32 GB
System-Type: 64-Bit

Hi @BT7021 - Thanks for providing the additional information! As of yet, we haven’t been able to find a cause for the issue you’re experiencing. I’m assuming uninstalling and reinstalling didn’t help?

One thing that could be useful is to send your Midnight log files to our support team. Instructions on where these files are located is available on this FAQ page: https://www.ghostery.com/faqs/how-can-i-find-midnights-log-files-on-my-computer/

When doing so, mention that we’ve had this conversation so you don’t need to re-explain the issue.

Useful discussion, we have something to learn from it, I appreciate that!