Essential tracker

What is an essential tracker?

Hi @2VNews
I would have to guess an essential tracker is one that is absolutely required to run on the page in order for it to function correctly, or at all.

Quick Google search turns up this:

Web analytics are necessary for website owners to understand how customers interact with the platform, as well as for technical purposes, like optimizing the content for speed and usability. This is done using what is known as “essential trackers,” which are critical to the functionality of a website.

The Internet knows your every move – this is why you should care

Sites often use web trackers to identify their users and establish data points for further marketing optimization. They can also be deemed necessary for the site to function. “Essential” trackers could be used if the site needs to remember you are logged in as you click from one page on the site to the other, or to remember if you’ve added an item to your cart.

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Hope this helps!