Dawn fails to install on Windows 64-bit

I have successfully installed on two Windows machines, but the third keeps failing partway through the install. Error message just says it was unable to install, with no detailed info. Machine is an old Dell M6600 laptop, fully up to date with Win 10. No other known issues. Installing on admin account.

Any suggestions?

Hi there! Sorry about that. Would you mind sending an email to support@ghostery.com so we can troubleshoot this with you? Thanks!

Actually, that was my first step, but I will send another…

Sorry we missed it. We recently updated our site and have had some issues receiving support requests. Apologies.

I also had the same on windows. it seems that ghostery’s download page downloads a corrupted installer. all you have to do is click the “retry” button and it will download the fully functioning installer that works. they seem to be two different installers for some reason but that is how to fix. i’m sure that the ghostery team will fix this issue in the future.

Hey all, we have fixed the Windows installer for Dawn. Let us know if you have any issues going forward. Thanks!

Your Welcome! It does work now! I’ve been on break for a little while!