Context Menu Right Click Issues

I’m loving Ghostery Dawn but have 3 issues all regarding the context menu.

  1. Can you change it to dark mode?
  2. When I right click a UPS or FedEx tracking number and select Search Ghosterly Glow for “1zxxxxxxxxxx” I get an Internal Server Error
  3. When I right click a bookmark the top choice is Open. It should be Open In A New Tab. If I wanted to just open it I would have left clicked it.

Hey there! Welcome to our feedback community.

  1. Ghostery Dawn is on dark mode by default. You can change it to light modes in the themes section. Preferences > Extensions and Themes (located on the bottom left corner)
  2. Good news! We fixed the UPS crash on Feb 25th!
  3. It seems this was a bug and was fixed because I can’t seem to reproduce it. But this is good to keep in my radar in case it happens again!