Conflict with Prime95

Hi - I have an issue with Prime95 not being able to communicate with the PrimeNet server with Ghostery Midnight on. I had to disable GM for Prime95 and reboot in order to resolve the issue. Using GM 1.1 I was getting error messages in Prime95 like this:

CURL library error: Operation timed out after 180 seconds with 127 bytes received

Not the most pressing problem, but I thought I would let you know about it.

Thanks for flagging this @markdjonson! I’ll let our engineering team know and see if there is a way we can support this.

Hi - To add a little more information to the above, I did a little more tinkering and found that disabling protection for Prime95 did not do anything more than simply rebooting does. However, rebooting only appears to enable one-time communication with PrimeNet, after that the error messages return and persist until another reboot. I wound up uninstalling Midnight (mostly because of the interference with Windows Update) and communication returned to normal for Prime95.

Hi @markdjonson - thanks for the additional detail. Though we’re still looking into the issues with Prime95, the windows update issue has since been resolved. Can you confirm which version of Ghostery Midnight you are on? You can get this information by selecting About Ghostery Midnight in the menu.

Hi -
Sorry, I can’t say for sure as I have uninstalled GM some time ago. The version I downloaded was but I think I may have updated it once or twice - I can’t remember if GM has an automatic update built in or if you have to download every time you update?

Hi @markdjonson - Appreciate the help here. I just sent you a DM. Midnight should trigger an update, but previously there has been some issues with doing so on Windows, that should now be resolved.

Hi @markdjonson - I just wanted to let you know with the newest update 1.2.1, the issue with connecting to Prime95 servers has been resolved.