0.72 Release Notes

Hello Ghostery Insights Community!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve officially released Ghostery Insights 0.72.

Release Highlights:

  • New Feature: [Tracker List Filtering and Sorting ] : We’re making it even easier to hone-in on the trackers you care most about. Want to see which tags are performing the fastest? No problem - pick the corresponding option in our new Tracker List sort order control, and your tags will be displayed from fastest to slowest in an instant. We’re also improving the way filtering works. You can select which TYPE of tags you want to see at any given moment. If you only care about your marketing funnel and aren’t concerned with your Customer Interaction tags, you can view them quickly by enabling the advertising option within the tracker filtering list.

  • New Feature [Tracker List Search]: Find the trackers that you care about on a given page even more quickly by using the new search input in the Tracker List. Thanks to a pleasantly fuzzy search algorithm, you won’t need to worry too much about typos. The Favorite Tracker search in the Settings panel has also been upgraded to use fuzzy search for all your Amazn and Fecebook tracker search needs.

  • UI Improvements [Notifications]: Sometimes you’ll find yourself on a webpage that has no additional information to uncover. When this happens and Ghostery Insights [Beta] has nothing to show, we will now let you know that’s the case with the help of the newest addition to the Ghostery family – the ‘Oh Dear’ Ghosty.

Until next time!