0.7 Release Notes


Ghostery Insights [BETA] - 0.7 Release Notes

Hello Ghostery Insights Community,

I’m Franz, the new Product Marketing Manager here at Ghostery. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes and are excited to share our newest release with you!

New Features:

  • Tracker Parentage: Ghostery Insights now visually represents all requests being made on your web-page at the exact moment you engage with the extension. Users can find Tracker Parentage by clicking on the new icon, or by navigating there from the overview panel.
    The Pink ’ Y’ represent your point of origin - the web-page which you are actively scanning. Each request is represented by a diamond or triangle. Blue diamonds represent known calls and or scripts, while black triangles represent an unknown source. These shapes provide detailed information when users hover over them. Please note that this feature is continuously being iterated on and will be subject to change as we move forward.
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  • Track Parentage Filtering: Users can filter the information that they wish to see from a persistent menu selection that rests above Tracker Parentage. Selected filters are highlighted in white.

User Interface:

  • Notifications: Users are now alerted (download (4) ) to refresh their webpage for pages that have not yet been scanned by Ghostery Insights.
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If you have any feedback, comments, or questions please feel free to leave a comment below. For any immediate assistance please reach out to support-insights@ghostery.com.